Brandon wants it louder! Katy wants it lower! What the heck?! Go to your rooms… and play CRUSH40!

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More videos from Crush 40 Live in Tokyo

Hey! Como vão? Mais videos do ultimo show do C40 foram postados, então divirtam-se!

Hey! What’s up? Some more videos of the last concert has been uploaded, so enjoy!

The best version of His World! Don’t you think?

Melhor versão da “His World”! Não acha?


Sonic 20th Anniversary Special Live

Hey! It’s been a while! So, we came to post some photos of the show has happened on Sonic 20th Anniversary Special Live (in TOKYO GAME SHOW), on the stage: Senoue-senpai, Tomoya Ohtani and Jean Paul Makhlouf (Vocalist of Cash Cash).

Olá! Sentiram saudade? Bom, venho trazer a vocês as fotos do show do Senoue-senpai, Tomoya Ohtani e Jean Paul Makhlouf (Vocalista da banda Cash Cash) que ocorreu no Sonic 20th Anniversary Special Live(no TOKYO GAME SHOW), na madrugada de ontem.

See ya!

Crush 40 Show – July 30 – feat. new song “Song Of Hope”

Oh Yeah! Finally the video with Crush 40 new song, called “Song of Hope”. No, this is not a song related to Sonic – Jun Senoue himself said in Youtube and Twitter: “No, not a Sonic related song at all. I wrote this song back on March 18th, a week after the tragedy we had here in Japan. It will be a charity song.”


“Song Of Hope”, “Sonic Boom”, “I Am… All Of Me”, “All Hail Shadow”, “Watch Me Fly…”, “Open Your Heart”, “Sonic Heroes”, “What I’m Made Of…” and “Live & Learn”



Crush 40 Show – July 30 – Everything

Another video is available!

Since the first time I listened to this song, it stayed all the time in my MIND! Do you know why?!

Cause you’re everything I want!
You’ve got everything I need!


Outro video disponível! Desde a primeira vez que ouvi-la, ela ficou o todo tempo na minha cabeça! Sabe porque?!

Cause you’re everything I want!
You’ve got everything I need!

Enjoy! ^^

82 2011

Happy birthday Jun Senoue! We, members of Crush40 Rocks salute you! Keep rocking like you always did! \o/ \o/ \o/ *gives cake*

Feliz aniversario Jun Senoue! Nós, membros do Crush40 Rocks! te saudamos! Continue detonando como tu sempre detona!! \o/ \o/ \o/ *oferece bolo*

Crush 40 Show – July 30 – Live and Learn


Crush 40 Show – July 30 – All Hail Shadow

Sorry guys, only this one is available. We’ll post other videos as we find them.

Desculpe-nos, apenas esse vídeo está disponível. Postaremos mais deles no futuro.